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Poorly Managed Emotions Cost People And Companies Billions A YearFrom daily annoyances to catastrophic incidents:
what keeps you and your employees up at night?

What companies often miss is …..How to take care of the full range of human emotions of  people while protecting the bottom line.

How do you bridge the gap between business and emotions?
Emotional Continuity Management© bridges the gap.

Companies that implement a system of Emotional Continuity Management© find that they…

  • Raise Resiliency
  • Reduce Gossip Chains
  • Strengthen Infrastructure
  • Keep Talent
  • Transform Emotional Culture
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Retention
  • Change Déja Vu Performance Reviews
  • Weed Out Trouble Before It Starts
  • Stop Emotional Spinning
  • Can Immediately Audit Changes
  • Increase Goodwill Cache
  • Engage Loyalty Into Excellence
  • Lower Risk For Workplace Violence
  • Prepare For Disasters
  • Build Teams
  • Inspire Staff
  • Support Management
  • Create Team Cohesion
  • Weed Out Distractors
  • Avoid Costly Litigations

And Save Money

Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell, PhD, LMHC, REAT, bridges the gap between the fiscal and the emotional and has been endorsed as a world class thought leader who inspires, trains, touches hearts, entertains, supports, and transforms workplace cultures as people move from fear to faith. Her groundbreaking model is based on her direct services. From the rubble of disasters to working with active military on bases around the Pacific Rim, from corporate boardrooms to employee lunchrooms, her easy “been there done that” style combined with her original process of ECM tools moves people and companies forward.

Dr. Vali’s consulting, confidential executive coaching, keynotes, assessment tools, workshops, books and trainings have transformed workplace cultures into more mindful and profitable workplaces since 2001.

ECM has been taught in large corporations and small businesses, in faith communities and medical schools, in the finance, hi tech, private and government agencies, art, gaming, transportation, education and psychology industries, and through individual coaching sessions.